Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki has exactly the same effect as an in person Reiki treatment. Reiki energy is not limited to time or space and can easily be transmitted anywhere.

How Distance Reiki Sessions Work:

We will arrange a time when you’re in a quiet place and able to relax for the session. I will conduct the Reiki session from my home in Long Beach, CA while you’re relaxing in the comfort of your home. All you have to do is relax and tune into the energy. You will receive the energy just as if I was there with you.

It is best to schedule the session for when you’re at home. You may feel drowsy during the session. Also, if you schedule the session when you’re doing something else, you won’t be able to focus on yourself.

To enhance the healing, light a candle or incense, pour a cup of tea, hold your favorite crystal and play relaxing music.

Benefits of Distance Reiki:

-you do not have to sit in traffic or leave your home

-you will receive the same benefits as if you came to an in person Reiki session

-pricing for a distance Reiki session is lower than in person

-looking for energetic healing while undergoing surgery or treatment

-you work long hours and find it difficult to squeeze in an in person session


$50 for a 30 minute distance Reiki session

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