About Brooks

Hi! I’m Brooks, the founder + creator of Blissfully Calm 

I was inspired to create Blissfully Calm after working 15 years in law firms and corporate America.

During this time, I witness countless women under extreme stress and not making their wellness a priority (myself included).  Not only were these women stressed out and overwhelmed at work, but many of them had long commutes, husbands and children to take care of when they got home.

“Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort.” ~Deborah Day

Because of an unhealthy diet, too much stress and not enough rest, my own health started to fail.  I started experiencing all kinds of stress related symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, headaches and a weakened immune system.

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My health and happiness started to improve when I reduced stress, focused on my health and increased self-care routines.  I switched to a plant-based diet, took yoga classes several times a week, read personal development books, took baths before bed to relax my body and mind, spent less time on social media and started journaling.

When I focused on self-care and personal development my stress related symptoms disappeared and I felt lighter and happier.

The shift I’ve been able to experience in my own life was my inspiration for creating the Blissfully Calm Collective (membership community), Blissfully Calm Podcast and the Blissfully Calm Box.  It is my mission to help remind women to rest, restore and make their wellness a priority.



Brooks, Founder + Creator of Blissfully Calm



10 Things About Me:

  1. I love animals, especially goats and shih tzus.  I have two shih tzus, Toby and Banana.
  2. I love interior design.  My dream house would look like the inside of an Anthropologie store.
  3. I love to travel, Costa Rica is my favorite place in the world.  I’ve also traveled to Italy, France, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Switzerland and Portugal.
  4. My guilty pleasure is reality TV.  My favorite shows are: the Real Housewives, Married at First Sight, Love After Lock-up, 90 Day Fiance, Vanderpump Rules, Summer House and the Bachelor.
  5. I love cozy spaces and hygge.  I love rain, coffee, comfy blankets, fires, reading and candles.
  6. When I’m not watching Bravo, I’m listening to music.  My favorite artists are: Young the Giant, Borns, Foster the People and Jeff Buckley.
  7. I own ~20 house plants.  I especially love succulents and air plants.
  8. My diet is plant-based.  I love checking out vegan restaurants in the cities I visit.
  9. I only use organic, cruelty free products.  I made the switch a couple of years ago.  I’m obsessed with Acure, Pacifica, 100% Pure and Kat Von D.
  10. I’m super organized and once had a side-hustle as a professional organizer.  I’m into minimalism and clutter gives me extreme anxiety.  One of the best feelings in the world is when I drop off a load of donations.

My Education:

  • Bachelors of the Arts, University of Pittsburgh
  • Certified Yoga Teacher, Avalon Yoga, Palo Alto, California
  • Health Coaching Certificate, Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate, eCornell


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