About Brooks

Hi, I’m Brooks the owner and lead professional organizer at Blissfully Calm.

I’ve loved organizing spaces my entire life.  After constantly hearing “do what you love” in books, podcasts and YouTube videos, I was inspired to create Blissfully Calm.

Although I live in a calming and clutter free home, I found myself struggling with anxiety, panic attacks and a constant feeling of overwhelm.  This is how I discovered the energy healing therapy called Reiki.


Blissfully Calm is a combination of home organizing and energy healing.  I assist my clients in clearing clutter both from their homes and from their minds.

I call myself the professional organizer to the “woo woo” women.  If you love crystals, sage, meditation and sound baths then you’ve come to the right place!

To learn more about my work as a Professional Organizer and Reiki Therapist, check out my podcast “Blissfully Calm Podcast” available on Spotify, Stitcher and iTunes.

To schedule Reiki or Home Organizing sessions email me at hello@blissfullycalm.com.

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