12: Energetic Healing and Getting to the Root of the Problems

In the beginning of today’s episode, I am sharing a story with you surrounding a phone call I received the other day. I am giving you some insight and the lessons I took away from it.

I am also giving you more information on my Blissfully Calm Academy Course that is coming out soon. Who the course has been designed for, what it is going to help you with and why I created such a program!

I think slowing down and getting to truly know your soul is so important so tune in to learn more about reiki, massage and other ways to help heal your body.

To learn more about the Blissfully Calm Academy before anyone else join the email list for the course right here: https://mailchi.mp/b2fd47ec463e/waitlist

Is anxiety and depression holding you back from achieving your goals or living a fulfilling life?

Tag me on IG @blissfullycalm and let me know what most resonated with you in this episode and if you too struggle with numbing things out!

If you’re currently experiencing elevated levels of stress, anxiety or overwhelm, I’m here to help.  Make sure to download my free E-Book “The Blissfully Calm Guide to Overcoming Anxiety, Elevating Your Mindset and Up-Leveling Your Life.”  

This guide walks you through 5 of the most important steps to take to enjoy your life again and feel blissfully calm in our chaotic world.

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