7: How to Stop Overthinking + Feel More Peaceful + Calm

In today’s episode I am sharing my top 5 tips on how to stop chronic overthinking, so that you can reduce anxiety and  feel calm and peaceful.

These tips have helped me shift my negative thought patterns of focusing on what I hate about my life and stressing myself out by creating crazy “what if” scenarios in my mind.  

These tips are easy to implement and will have you feeling blissfully calm in no time.  Grab a journal to take some notes and get ready to banish negativity and to manifest a positive mindset.

If you’re currently experiencing elevated levels of stress, anxiety or overwhelm, I’m here to help.  Make sure to download my free E-Book “The Blissfully Calm Guide to Overcoming Anxiety, Elevating Your Mindset and Up-Leveling Your Life.”  

This guide walks you through 5 of the most important steps to take to enjoy your life again and feel blissfully calm in our chaotic world.

Download the E-Book here: https://mailchi.mp/22e949835fc9/blissfullycalmguide

Tag me on IG @blissfullycalm  and let me know what most resonated with you in this episode and which tip you’re going to try out right away!

To learn more about the Blissfully Calm brand and community visit blissfullycalm.com.  

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