3: How I Paid Off $100,000 in Debt and What Life is Like Now that I’m 100% Debt Free

In today’s episode I’m sharing my top ten tips on how I was able to get out of $100,000 worth of debt all on my own!

I was able to visualize, create a new mindset, sell things not needed and even start a side hustle.

I also had to mentally switch gears and create a different lifestyle to go along with my new mindset which I get into on today’s show.

From sharing my favorite money management skill to how I learned to save and more so be sure you listen to the entire episode. And if you think it could help a friend or family member with their financial stresses please share this episode with them.

Such a powerful show surrounding money, anger, reality and so much more. Make sure you are prepared for this one with notebook and pen ready to go!

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