{video} How to Overcome Driving Anxiety

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from women is how to overcome fear of driving.

After I started having panic attacks, I developed a fear of driving.  I was terrified that I would have a panic attack while driving and would not be able to drive home.

I’ve since been able to overcome driving anxiety and now frequently drive on the crazy freeways of southern California.

My top tips for overcoming driving anxiety are:

  • Blissfully Calm CBD oil.  I use a small dose of CBD oil before I get in my car and drive on freeways.  I notice that if I use a full dose, then I get a little sleepy.  The CBD oil calms me and makes the drive much more pleasant.
  • Reassure yourself that you’re a safe driver.  I remind myself that I’ve never caused an accident.  Also, drivers that have anxiety are extra alert and responsive.
  • Instead of allowing your mind to come up with crazy “what if” scenarios, use your mind to visualize a peaceful and even enjoyable car ride.
  • Take baby steps to build confidence.  If you need to bring a trusted friend with you until you’re able to drive on your own.  Experiment with driving your car when there is less traffic.  For bonus points, drive out of your “safety zone.”
  • Run toward the anxiety instead of trying to fight it off and make it worse.
  • When the “what of” scenarios such as “I’m going to have a panic attack while driving”, say to yourself “big deal, so what.  I’ll just pull over and in a few minutes the symptoms will run their course and I’ll feel ok to drive again.”
  • If you start to notice the physical symptoms of anxiety gain momentum, do not fear them and fight them.  Instead, tell your anxiety “bring on more heart palpitations, make me even more dizzy.  Show me what you got anxiety!” When you allow anxiety instead of fighting it, you’ll notice the flood of adrenaline will stop, the physical symptoms will become less apparent and you’ll start to feel normal again.
  • Distract your mind by focusing on what the other cars are doing.  What colors are the cars surrounding you?  What do the signs say?  What does the scenery look like?
  • Turn on some upbeat music and sing a long in the car.  This is my favorite tip!  I love blasting music and singing.  Music will help to relieve nervous tension, especially in the chest and throat.
  • “Feel the fear and do it anyways” this is my motto and how I push through things that scare me.

I’ve helped dozens of women overcome driving anxiety and I know I can help you too!

Click here to schedule a complimentary call with me.  I’ll give you actions steps you can take to start to feel better right away.



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