{video} The Truth About Mindset + Anxiety

A few weeks ago, my Facebook group participated in the Mindset Makeover Challenge.  I received SO MANY messages from you telling me how much better you felt after doing the challenge exercises.

If you missed the challenge, here is a recap of the 5 days:

Day 1: “Positive Vibes Only”

We talked about how to reduce negativity, do a social media cleanse so that we can make space for positivity.  The more positive we are, the more positive experiences and people will be attracted to us.

Day 2:  “Attitude of Gratitude”

I shared with you my favorite gratitude practice of creating a “gratitude jar”, dropping in notes of gratitude and watching the positive thoughts add up.  Being grateful raises your vibration and energy levels and will have a snowball effect of positive thoughts crowding out habitual “what if” scenario thinking.

Day 3:  “The “F” Word (Forgiveness)”

We learned that holding onto anger and grudges for things that happened in the past can make anxiety even worse.  Anxiety can also make you feel guilty because you’re putting pressure on your partner and not living life to your full potential.

Day 4: “Ending Negative Self-talk”

Words have energy and vibration and affect your mood.  On day 4, we learned how to start to notice habitual negative thoughts  and make a conscious decision to take control of our minds  A great way to start to take control of our minds back, is to use the “rubber band” technique.

Day 5: “Tools to Calm Your Mind”

On Day 5, we learned tools and techniques to calm your mind.  Anxiety is like quicksand, the more you struggle the deeper we sink.  It is essential to have tools and techniques at your fingertips when anxiety and panic attacks strike.

Let’s be honest, the challenge was great but in order to create lasting change and massive impact, you need to take your Mindset Makeover beyond 5 days.  You need to step it up!

This is why I created the Mindset Makeover Collective, an 8 week group coaching program for a small group of women serious about overcoming anxiety.

If 5 days could make an impact on your mood and anxiety levels, imagine what you could accomplish in 8 weeks!

Anxiety meds and supplements give you an artificial sense of calm.  However, if you do not deal with your negative thinking, repair your confidence and stop the constant “what if” scenarios swirling in your mind, it is going to be very difficult to overcome anxiety.

In the Collective, you’ll do the deep inner work, fix your mindset, end chronic negative thinking, learn to live in the present moment and enjoy life again.

I’m living proof that mindset is EVERYTHING!  I was able to overcome anxiety (very quickly) once I focused on making over my mindset.

So if you’re ready to transform from feeling exhausted, depleted and anxious 24/7 to feeling calm, peaceful and happy, this program is for you.

I promise that this program will help you to drastically reduce your anxiety if you put the time and effort into it.  I know it can be scary to invest your time and money when you’ve already “tried everything” and feel hopeless and frustrated.

If you have any questions about the program, feel free to email me at brooksdawnhall@gmail.com.


Brooks, Anxiety + Mindset Coach


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