{video} Mindset Makeover Collective Program Overview

Introducing the Mindset Makeover Collective.  A transformational 8 week program for women who are ready to overcome anxiety + enjoy life again.

I’m so excited to finally announce the Mindset Makeover Collective!  This program was inspired by the women in my Facebook group “Break Free From Anxiety + Panic Attacks.”

Over the past few months, I talked to dozens of women and saw a pattern start to form in my mind.

All of the women I spoke to had tried “everything” to overcome anxiety.  I’ll define “everything” as blood tests,  medication, supplements, changing their diets, essential oils, talk therapy, breathing exercises, etc.

Despite trying all of these different things, they’re still struggling with anxiety on a daily basis.


  • Women who are ready to do what it takes to overcome anxiety.
  • Women who are ready to invest in themselves so that they feel like their old self again, experience peace and joy.
  • Women who feel alone and  like no one understands what they’re going through.
  • Women who are sick and tired of anxiety putting their goals, dreams and life on hold.
  • Women who are perfectionists, people-pleasers, care takers and as a result are exhausted, depleted and anxious.


  • Women are always telling me that no one understands what they’re going through.  The Collective is a sisterhood, community of women that are on the same journey as you.
  • The Collective will help you to feel less isolated.  You’ll come to realize that the symptoms and thoughts you’re experiencing are not unique.
  • I created the Collective as the “missing link.” So many women are on meds and still have anxiety and depression.  The Collective works on getting to the root of the issue, healing old wounds and doing the deep inner work necessary to overcome anxiety.
  • Life is short.  Too many women have put their life, dream and goals on hold because of anxiety.  The Collective will help you to see that life can get better, you can overcome anxiety and love your life.


  • 8 live sessions, one session per week for 8 weeks.
  • An intimate group of women, a sisterhood, who are on the same journey.  This tribe will be there to support you, inspire you and you will no longer feel like you’re in this alone.
  • Mindset Makeover Collective Private Facebook group.  I’ll be doing additional training, providing checklists, journal prompts, action steps in this group.
  • Unlimited email support between sessions. Having a bad day or feeling stuck, you’ll be able to email me for guidance and support.
  • 1:1 session with me to address any areas where you’re struggling or feeling stuck.
  • Member portal, this is where the recorded sessions will be uploaded in the event that you can’t make the live session.
  • 3 month paid subscription to Blissfully Calm Box.

To get an even better overview of the Mindset Makeover Collective, watch the video below.

I promise that this program will help you to drastically reduce your anxiety if you put the time and effort into it.  I know it can be scary to invest your time and money when you’ve already “tried everything” and feel hopeless and frustrated.

If you have any questions about the program, reply to this email and let me know.


Brooks, Anxiety + Mindset Coach


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