{video} Mindset Makeover Challenge Day 1: Positive Vibes

Your brain is like a sponge and what you feed your brain, it will absorb. Instead of feeding your mind negativity (the news, people complaining about how much life sucks on social media) feed your mind positive, uplifting and inspirational things.

Shift your mindset from victim thinking of “why is this happening to me?” to focusing all of your effort onto finding a solution.

Look at anxiety as a challenge, a nudge from the universe telling your to re-evaluate your life (career, relationships, diet, finances, etc). Anxiety can be an opportunity to change your life, grow and come out the other side a completely transformed and stronger woman.

Remember, you are a magnet. What you focus on, you’ll receive more of. If you focus on anxiety, you’ll get more of it. The more often you shift your focus to the positive aspects of life, the more you’ll attract positive people, experiences, and circumstances.

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

Try this:

1. Social media cleanse-quit social media for a specified period of time. When my anxiety was high, I stepped away from social media for 3 months. If you’re not ready to leave social media, then try a social media cleanse.

Unfollow anyone who complains non-stop, posts disturbing content or complains about politics 24/7. Then, once those negative people are gone, replace them with positive, inspirational people. A few of my favorites are: Tony Robbins, Jay Shetty, Kris Carr, Abraham-Hicks and Idillionaire.

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