{video} my struggles with anxiety + Depression


In this video, I talk in detail about my struggles with depression in my 20s and anxiety in my 30s.  I also talk about how when I changed my diet, stopped partying, I was able to get off depression medication.

When I started experiencing debilitating anxiety and panic attacks in my 30s, I knew that prescription medications were not an option for me.  I understand that some women find relief using prescription drugs but that was not my experience.  Prescription medications made everything worse and the side effects were horrible.

I spent $2,000 on blood tests, talk therapy, food allergy tests, acupuncture, reiki, supplements and B12 shots.  In the end, my therapist referred me to a doctor and recommended that I get a prescription for Xanax.

I was able to overcome anxiety and panic attacks with no medications.  Changing my mindset was a huge factor in overcoming anxiety.  When my anxiety was at its worse, I was waking up each morning hating my life and wondering why anxiety was happen to me.  Victim mentality ruled my world.

When I fixed my mindset, and stopped fearing panic attacks, everything changed for me.  The anxiety lost its power over me and I soon changed my life.  I quit my job, sold my condo in Seattle, moved back to California and started my business.

I now helo other women overcome anxiety without medication.  For a free consultation with me, email me at brooksdawnhall@gmail.com.

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Brooks Hall, Anxiety + Mindset Mentor


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