1:1 Coaching

This program is for you, if:

  • You want to work 1:1 instead of in a group program
  • You’ve tried everything (meditation, medication, essential oils, talk therapy, yoga etc etc etc) but you’re still dealing with anxiety
  • You’re experiencing scary symptoms like heart palpitations, mood swings, depression, lack of energy, difficulty breathing and/or swallowing, numbness in your limbs, unexplained pain
  • You feel like you’re going crazy
  • You feel like your world is getting smaller, some days you are afraid to leave the house or to do things that you were not previously afraid of (driving, going to the store)
  • You wake up every morning exhausted, flooded by anxiety and negative thoughts.
  • Your mind never stops, you cannot find peace and calm, your mind is always dreaming up worse case scenarios

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Blissfully Calm 1:1 includes:

  • 12 coaching calls (1 call per week for 3 months)
  • 12 video training modules with worksheets and assignments to make sure you’re implementing the information in the training. *You’ll have lifetime access to the training modules so that you can refer back to them at anytime.
  • Email support between sessions.

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What we will cover:

Blissfully Calm 1:1 is not a one-size fits all method because anxiety is experienced differently by everyone.  This program is going to teach you how to control your mind, so that it doesn’t control you.

At the end of the 90 days, not only will your mental health drastically improve but so will your overall health and well being.  You’ll wake up feeling happy and energized to start the day.  You’ll notice that you are better equipped to handle the stresses of life.

You’ll start to not only notice your automatic negative thinking but you’ll shift your mind to positive thinking.  One day soon, you’ll feel calmer and notice that anxiety no longer controls your life.

The program is broken up into 12 modules that address every aspect of your life.  At the end of the Blissfully Calm program, you’ll be free from anxiety, your overall health will be massively improved and you’ll experience an entire life transformation.


  • Learn how the food we eat drastically affects our mental state, how we look, and our energy levels.
  • Learn the low vibe foods to avoid and the high vibe foods to eat that will give you natural energy, aid in detoxification and prevent inflammation and disease.
  • Learn how to save time in the kitchen by creating meal plans and grocery lists for preparing quick, delicious and high vibe recipes.

Shifts + Transformation:  At the end of this module you’ll know exactly which foods will help decrease anxious feelings, bloating, and which foods support your health, increase your energy.  You’ll have library of quick, delicious and healthy recipes that will have you in and out of the kitchen in under an hour.  You’ll be able to quickly plan out meals, grocery lists and will no longer feel stressed out about what to eat.


  • Learn easy ways to incorporate exercise into you jam packed schedule.
  • Learn the best types of exercise to support the adrenals, decrease cortisol, stress levels and anxiety
  • Learn the benefits of exercising outside and why it isn’t necessary to spend hours inside a gym to look and feel your best.

Shifts + Transformation: At the end of this module, you’ll be able to curate a personalized exercise routine that fits your goals and schedule.  Your stress and anxiety levels will decrease and you’ll feel more confident about the way you look.  Your energy levels will begin to soar.

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  • Learn why setting aside “me time” for self-care is crucial for your emotional and physical wellbeing.
  • Learn the best self-care practices for detoxifying your mind and body, melting away stress and anxiety and increasing your bliss levels.
  • Learn how slowing down and doing less will have a drastic effect on your emotional and physical wellbeing.
  • Learn how to create a “zen zone” in your home, a place you can retreat to when you’re feeling stressed and need “me time.”

Shifts +Transformation: At the end of this module, you’ll be able to design a personalized self-care routine and a tranquil space in your home for personal development, self-care, meditation and journaling.


  • Learn the importance of creating an evening routine that will signal to your body that is it time to rest and restore.
  • Learn the benefits of a social media detox and how setting boundaries around social media usage will help your mind relax.
  • Learn my top supplements for aiding the body in falling asleep, staying asleep and waking up refreshed.

Shifts + Transformation:  At the end of this module, you’ll be able to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep.  You’ll wake up feeling refreshed, less anxious and have more energy to accomplish your goals.


  • Learn how a gratitude practice will transform your life quicker than anything else.
  • Learn how to creating a morning routine is the most efficient way to set your day up in the most positive way.
  • Learn how to create a morning routine that cultivates bliss and calm and doesn’t take hours to complete.

Shifts + Transformation: At the end of this module, you will have a personalized morning routine that will raise your vibration and energy levels, decrease your stress and anxiety. You’ll wake up feeling grateful for your life, excited for the day ahead and will no longer be rushing out the door with skyrocketing cortisol levels.


  • Learn how to navigate negative people and protect yourself from “energy vampires.”
  • Learn how to up-level your life by caring less about what others think about you.
  • Learn how to create your own tribe of high-vibe women who will support, inspire and uplift you.

 Shifts + Transformation: At the end of this module, you’ll have the tools to navigate challenging relationships at home and at work.  You’ll learn how to set boundaries, say “no” to things that don’t light you up and protect your energy from negative people.  You’ll learn to crowd out people who increase your anxiety, drain your energy, and criticize you and replace them with people who have a positive influence on your life.

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  • Learn how to do less, streamline your schedule and overcome Type A/perfectionist personality traits that lead to overwhelm, exhaustion and anxiety.
  • Learn about the connection between physical clutter in your environment and mental clutter.
  • Learn how buying less will not only save money but will help you to feel calm and centered.

Shifts + Transformation: At the end of this module, you’ll be able to assess your purchases and the things you own and determine if they’re adding to your life in a positive way or creating anxiety and overwhelm.  You’ll learn how to say “no” to invitations that don’t excite you without feeling guilty or sounding like  a bitch.  You’ll feel more calm and centered with more free time and less mental and physical clutter.

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  • Learn how to release past experiences that are dragging you down in the present moment.
  • Learn what limiting beliefs are, how to destroy them and up-level your life.
  • Learn tools and techniques for releasing negative and anxiety producing thoughts and how to replace them with thoughts that will increase your vibration.
  • Learn how to shift your mood back into a high vibration state when you’re in a low vibration state.

Shifts + Transformation:  At the end of this module, you’ll release past stories and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your full potential.  You’ll become more conscious of the thoughts that you routinely think and will know how to reframe them before they spiral into depression, overwhelm or anxiety. You’ll be a gatekeeper of your mind and will know exactly what to feed your mind to keep you feeling calm and blissful.

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  • Learn how to create a mediation practice that works for you and fits into your schedule.
  • Learn techniques you can use anytime that will center you back into the present moment, instead of dwelling in the past (depression) or obsessing about the future (anxiety).
  • Learn how to be more mindful and present and spend less time numbing your mind with social media and other distractions.

Shifts + Transformation:  At the end of this module, you’ll have an arsenal of tools and techniques to quickly get yourself back into a high vibration state.  You’ll learn how to spend more time in the present moment.  You’ll be more mindful instead of allowing your mind to run wild in the past and future.


  • Learn how to move past confusion, feeling stuck and gain clarity about what you’re passionate about in life.
  • Learn why having a passion project will raise your vibration, create a sense of purpose and excitement in your life.
  • Learn how to create a passion project and fit it into your already busy life.

Shifts + Transformation:  At the end of this module, you’ll have a sense of clarity about what lights you up in life.  This clarity will help you become “unstuck”, you’ll start making decisions and taking actions towards creating a life that excites and delights you.


  • Learn the basics of manifesting and the laws of attraction and how your thoughts become things and shape your life.
  • Learn tools and practices you can do everyday to strengthen your manifestation muscle.
  • Learn how to keep a positive outlook when things are not working out as you planned.

 Shifts + Transformation:  At the end of this module, you’ll have a clarity around how manifestation and the law of attraction works.  You’ll know exactly how you can use manifesting in your everyday life.  You’ll let go about worrying about how things will workout, release anxiety around the future and trust that everything is working out for your greatest benefit.  You’ll shift your mindset that life is difficult, painful and a struggle to being grateful for all that you have and all that is on its way to you.

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  • Learn how to create a compelling and clear vision for all areas of your life.
  • Learn how to get crystal clear on what you want, your dreams and desires.
  • Learn how to create a vision board that will excite you and inspire you to take action to make it come alive.

Shifts + Transformation: At the end of this module, you’ll have a vision board that will be your guide towards your desires and creating your dream life.  You’ll have a roadmap and will no longer feel confused and unable to make decisions.  Your vision will excite you and will motivate you to take action, instead of struggling with procrastination and stagnation

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Why work with me?

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Still wondering if we would be a good fit?  Here are a few more things you need to know about me:

  1.  I’ve been where you are.  I spend a decade of my life (my 20s) suffering from depression.  I was on 10+ different prescription meds over the years.  I overcame depression and then I was hit with anxiety.  I know exactly how you are feeling right now, how scared and frustrated you are.  You’ve already tried so much to overcome anxiety and its not going away, maybe its even getting worse.  I’ve been there.
  2. I believe you can overcome anxiety without meds.  I’ve talked with so many women about anxiety.  Some are already on meds and others have been prescribed meds but don’t want to take them.
  3. I am an excellent listener and non-judgmental.  You can feel free to “let it all out” during our sessions together.  Chances are if you’re struggling with something, its likely something that I’ve been through as well.

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Is there a payment plan?: 

Yes, there is a payment plan.  Payments can be spread over the 3 month program.

How does this 1:1 coaching program work?:

We will meet at the same time and day each week at a time that is convenient for you.  We can hold the calls by phone or by Zoom video conferencing, this is your choice.  

I’m here for you.  Wherever you are is exactly where you’re meant to be.  I know how difficult it can be to face this problem and maybe you’re feeling scared or anxious.  I just want to let you know that I’m in your corner and I’m rooting for you 100%.  I really want to help you break free from your anxiety, so that you can live your life to the fullest.




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